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user interface design and evaluation
TopLayer Inc.   TopLayer Inc.
TopLayer Inc., formerly Blaze-Net, asked the new studio to join its design team to develop the user interface for its innovative "AppSwitch 2000" product, which manages data traffic on a network based on the applications creating the traffic. The interface for the AppSwitch allows customers to use a highly graphical approach to create, extend, and manage complex networks, all based on Web browser and Java technologies.

TopLayer's product was voted "Best of Show" when it debuted at the Networld/InterOp Spring 1999 conference.

  Kodak   Kodak
the new studio evaluated the user interfaces for two software packages that Kodak was developing for the management and manipulation of digital photographic images.

These Windows- and Macintosh-based programs required testing of multiple users and analysis in terms of usability, functionality, and overall acceptability. Over a dozen users were tested for each program. The subsequent analyses were based on the programs' appeal and consistency in user interface. Kodak used the recommendations to guide the revisions to the software.

  Ziff-Davis   Ziff-Davis Interactive Media & Development
the new studio developed new organization and user interface for the Ziff-Davis "Netbuyer" Website, a service which allows users to search for, compare, and buy computer products from over 100 vendors. Ziff-Davis has since performed further revisions on the site.

  Delrina Corp.

  Delrina Corporation (Symantec Corporation)
The upgrade of Delrina's critically acclaimed CommSuite Communications software package to Windows '95 required the integration of three separate applications into one seamless package. the new studio provided critical analysis, planning, and design for how the three packages should appear and work together as one program linked under the title of CommSuite95.

  Scitex Corp.   Scitex Corporation / Unda
the new studio helped Unda Oy, a Scitex company, design and test the user interface to its powerful system for advanced processing of color print materials.