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training and workshops
Creoscitex Corp.   Creoscitex Corp.
the new studio helped develop and teach a custom-designed course for CreoScitex marketing and web development teams to enable them to develop, implement, and maintain their various corporate Internet and intranet sites worldwide. This course included Web development techniques and software, interface design, and Web management techniques/software, all in the context of workflow across multiple teams.

Mass. Medical Society   Massachusetts Medical Society
The Massachusetts Medical Society, parent organization for the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, hired the new studio to train members of the MMS design and production team for designing and developing new publications on the World Wide Web. We presented our "WebReady" training course on site at the MMS, taking participants through sessions on design of interactive media, graphic production for the Web, and coding HTML. The WebReady course integrates all of these materials using a project focus, grouping participants into teams that design and implement working Websites by the end of the course.

Agfa Corp.   Agfa Corp.
the new studio developed custom training courses to teach Agfa engineers about the digital half-toning process, and graphic arts design and production techniques. Each course required the production of an extensive text book and was taught for several years to the engineering and marketing departments.

the new studio has developed several educational courses that have been presented at the annual conference for SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group in computer GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques), a group within the Association of Computing Machinery. Courses have included design for interactive multimedia, and user interface design. SIGGRAPH is only one of many conferences and workshops at which the new studio has been a participant.